Car light weight


1. Aluminum alloy has low density and light weight, reducing the weight of the body
2. Aluminum alloy has corrosion resistance and easy formability
3. The surface of aluminum alloy is easy to treat and col

Common brand:2036/2037/2038/5023/5182/5754/6009/6010/6111/6016/6022 etc.


1. Low density, light weight, energy saving
2. Excellent weldability
3. Excellent corrosion resistance
4. Good cold and hot forming performance

Common Grade: 1060/2024/3003/5052/5083/6061/6082/7075 etc.

Military industry

1. Light specific gravity
2. High strength
3. Good damping and thermal conductivity
4.Strong electromagnetic shielding ability
5.Good shock absorption

Common Grade: 6151/6351/6451/6951 etc.

Electronic product

1. Aluminum is stronger and more beautiful than plastic, more delicate and lighter than steel, and has excellent heat absorption and heat dissipation capacity.
2. Aluminum has excellent thermal conductivity, which can promote cooling and efficient refrigeration
Application area:
Smart phones, tablet computers, laptops, flat screen TVs, computer monitors, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, etc

Common Grade:1060/3003/5052/6011/6061/6063 etc.

Printing industry

1. Aluminum surface has high gloss, easy coloring and good printing effect
2. Low density, lightweight container
3. Aluminum is non-toxic and tasteless, meeting the hygienic standard of packaging materials
4. Recyclable to meet environmental protection requirements

Common Grade:1050/1060/3003/5052 etc.


High strength aluminum alloy has the advantages of low density, high strength and good heat treatment performance. The plates, extruded profiles and hubs made of them are widely used in aerospace components.

Common Grade:2024/2017/5052/5086/6061/6082/7050/7075/7475/ etc.

Building profile

1. Stability of aluminum alloy
2. Easy processing of aluminum alloy and easy forming
3. Aluminum profiles are easy to be coated and oxidized
4. Low density and light weight
5. Application persistence

Application area: Aluminum alloy doors and windows;
Glass screen wall; Aluminum alloy spacer;
Office screens and partitions;
Exterior wall decoration;
Building formwork ETC.

Aluminum Profile

1. Excellent plasticity and molding
2. Easy to be coated or oxidized
3. Light weight and good sealingCommon Grade:

Common Grade: 5005、5052、6063 Aluminum Profile Etc.